Switched at Birthday

Switched at Birthday is a book that I finished reading. The author is Natalie Standiford.  It was a good book. It’s about two girls. One is named Lavender she’s short and not so popular. The other girl is named Scarlet. She is pretty and very popular. Their birthday is on the same day.

Lavender got a present of a paper flower. When they blew the candles of their cakes. Scarlet wished for the paper flower and Lavender to be more popular. When they got up that night Lavender was in Scarlet’s body and Scarlet in her body. That’s the starting of my book.



What makes a good comment to me is if they don’t just say that you have a nice blog. Its if they add a little detail in the comment and if they tell you nice things about your blog. They would need to have to say hello at the begging and bye at the end.

Here are comments I made:

Hi Aaron,
It’s so cool – that tie dyed shirt. So you can do all bunch of designs. Is it easy to make because if it is I’ll try it.
Alexandra Online

Hi Shanaelei,
Your mom’s turkey sound so good. Me too I ate turkey. It tasted just like yours. It sounds like you had fun.
Alexandra Online

Hi Addyson,

Me too I love those sports. My favorite are swimming, soccer and running. When I’m done those sports I’m so tired too


Alexandra Online


So that’s what I think is a good comment.


Student Blog Challenge

The Student Blog Challenge is  bringing students together from all over the world like California, England, China and other places. If  people in other places in the world read your blog and comment on it, you comment back on their blog.

The Student Blog Challenge teaches you to do different things and you learn different things from different places.

My Dream Vacation

alexandraHi! My dream vacation would be going to Mexico.

I would go by a plane. First we would land and then  I would go on a cruise. I would go on vacation with my family and my best friends.

We would get off the boat and go on a bus to get to our resort. We would stay there for a week and we would go to the beach everyday and the pool. The ocean needs to have some big waves and small waves.

There would be a buffet for breakfast, lunch and supper. There would have to have an ice-cream bar.

That would be my dream vacation.

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